In the last quarter century TASK has completed 3500 projects in the Middle East, many of the projects are world renowned and iconic. Those involved in the building process recognize that a high level of expertise, guidance and technical knowledge is required with respect to supply of doors and frames to prestigious projects.

TASK’s engineering and design team meet every challenge proposed by the architectural team, including creation of custom door and frame profiles, engineered to meet the demanding modern security requirements that are integrated into the building standard.

TASK has manufactured hundreds of thousands of doors from their headquarters in Sharjah – UAE. Offering a multitude of doorway solutions, including specialized and engineered doors and frames in wood and steel. TASK’s annual capital investment commitment, enables our products to be manufactured utilizing modern computerized processing and technology.

TASK has been making quality door and frame products for over 25 years and continues to focus on quality, quick deliveries and superior customer service. Over the years, TASK has continually introduced innovative products that satisfy our customers every requirement.

TASK is the leading global manufacturer and marketer of commercial door products for building construction worldwide, sustaining a competitive advantage through service, product and process superiority.

Architects and Designers recognize TASK as a leader and innovator for engineered doors and frames in wood & steel. Architects specify TASK doors with confidence for special performance in wood & steel doors, We lead the industry through our long-term commitment to the construction industry’s owners, developers, architects, contractors, and our distributor partners. We can help solve any doorway dilemma.


TASK Doors & Frames are used every day in countries around the Middle East and Asia. They are found in schools, universities, hospitals, hotels, and businesses operating across many industries. Through a few real examples, we show you why customers choose TASK Doors and how we are continuing to help them meet with their requirements. Please view our PROJECT’S COMPLETED.