Our doors and frame are tested to international standards and they also complement many design intent. Doors and frames are designed to accommodate modern egress requirements while not compromising on the architecture favored by the building architect. Each door type presents its unique challenges and every door and door assembly is designed and manufactured to fit seamlessly into its decorative surroundings.

TASK’s global reputation for the manufacturing and supplying of Door and Frame assemblies, as well as the completing several iconic landmark projects makes us the natural choice to supply to projects. These included: acoustic, blast-resistant and bullet-resistant wood and steel doors and frames.

TASK has developed the industry’s widest range of Specialized and Engineered Doors and Frames in wood and steel. All units are manufactured with appropriate frame products which can be configured into borrowed light and sidelight frames. TASK commitment to research and development has enabled us to enhance existing product lines as well as to develop state-of-the-art door and frame products which are demanded by the construction industry.

To satisfy industry professionals we have developed two distinct product lines — Engineered and Standard.
The website will enable you to obtain current catalog cuts, technical details as well as typical engineering data on our door and door frame products. We also have an FAQ section associated with each product.