TASK is a leading wood and steel door manufacturer, having a state of the art production line established thus having leading advantages in production and technology. We aim to be the world’s top door manufactures and solution provider, becoming the solution that construction companies are looking for. We pride ourselves on building mutually beneficial business relationships with our valued customers, vendors and associates.

TASK assists architects, engineers and contractors in identifying and sourcing green building products and materials, as well as sustainable procurement and supply chain consulting and training services.

TASK has provided products and services to thousands of projects in several countries around the world, thus gaining experience and knowledge about the requirements of products in different regions.
TASK fire rated and non-fire rated doors follow strict local and international standards. Each door and frame is monitored and exposed to detailed inspection during the entire process of manufacturing and installation.
Our fire rated products have been tested to international standards and we have certification for fire rating of 30, 60, 90 and 120 for wooden doors and 30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 minutes for steel doors.

TASK can supply single or pair assemblies that are used in commercial or residential buildings and that can be installed in drywall (steel or wood stud) or masonry wall assemblies. TASK wood and steel doors are designed to suit any available hardware configurations including locksets, panic exit devices, closers and vision lites. At TASK we can also manufacture custom door sizes, designs and configurations. The fire rated wooden frames are made with solid wood of density varying from 500 to 750 kg/m3 and composites depending upon the fire rating and certification. Frames are then painted to the required color.

Factory pre-fitting and machining for locks, latches and other builders’ hardware is completed through the use of sophisticated computer controlled routing and boring equipment. TASK’s skilled machine tool operators ensure that the doors are pre-fit and pre-machined within the tolerances of the Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) and the National Fire protection Association (NFPA). This assures quick, easy installation and proper operation of the doors on every project.

Our professional technical teams and experienced project leaders will provide the best services and supports to support your project.


Wood has been the traditional choice of raw material for doors for centuries. Wood used in the manufacture of doors and frames has been treated to protect from fungal infestations or insect attacks. It can easily be painted or stained to achieve virtually any color or pigmentation.

Wooden doors are available in different price range, depending upon what quality of door is required and what level of performance is required. Performance aspects such as durability, stain ability, grain pattern and color stability will vary depending on the type and the specific characteristics of the tree, including whether it is a softwood or hardwood. Wooden doors are stylish, attractive and well-constructed, ideal for use in domestic and commercial settings. We offer many alternative designs to suit individual customer requirements. Our products include hollow core doors, solid core doors, cellular core doors, intermediate rail core doors, panel doors, etc. Our product range includes a wide variety of options in wood like meranti, mahogany, cherry, ash, walnut, beech, oak, teak, or any other wood species according to our client requirements.

Our engineered doors can be supplied with the same variety of wood species, veneer species, laminate or they can be painted to any RAL color. The final finish of a lacquer coating will protect the veneer without compromising the aesthetics.

TASK is the only manufacturing company to build a wood door that has sustained a fire for 178 Minutes, being a perfect manufacturing company when it comes to providing exceptionally high quality fire resistant doors.

Part of TASK’s special design is that there is no stile and rail. The complete door is manufactured with a high density material compared to other manufactures that use high and low density material to make a door. The manufacturing of the doors uses a highly automated process that uses technology specially invented by TASK. Using highly automated, state of the art computerized equipment enables TASK to manufacture doors with precision and ease.

Wood doors :

• Are available in standard thickness 44mm. We can also make doors as thick as 60mm to 70mm.
• The veneer used is of the highest quality that can be stained.
• Clients can finish the door with lacquer, stain or paint.
• Particle board core offers lightness, rigidity and impact resistance.
• Hardwood lipping is fitted to all four edges.
• Products can be supplied in singles or in pair configuration as per approved designs.
• The doors also come with a variety of options such as glazing, fire rating and acoustic ratings and can be fit with a variety of hardware.
• Door frames are made with the same wood species and finish as the door and are designed to accommodate weather seals.
• Complies with WDMA standard that provides quality levels for the construction of architectural wood flush doors.
• Meets the requirements of DHI-WDHS-3
• FSC Certified materials (option)
• ISO 9001:2008


TASK offers a complete line of standard hollow metal doors with face sheet thickness ranging from 20 gage to 12 gage. TASK provides a selection of core choices including honeycomb, polystyrene, polyurethane and temperature rise cores.

TASK steel doors come with a variety of finish like lacquer finish, powder coat, stainless steel, wood look and many others.

The reinforcements in the door and frame for the hinge and lock are drilled at tapped at the factory, which allows for easy installation at site.

We also add options for vision lite, fire rating and acoustic rating when required for the steel doors.

Steel frames can be installed in drywall (steel or wood stud) or masonry wall assemblies and they have precision die-cut corners with positive locking to assure rigid assembly connections.

The frames are available from in many profile options, sheet thickness, jamb depth and face dimensions options.

Where the versatility of a non-handed door is an important advantage, TASK offers honeycomb core construction which can be switched on the job site from right or left handed openings, swing in or out, or as double doors.

A popular door, suited for local conversions.

Steel doors :

• Are available in standard thickness of 44mm. We have made steel-stiffened doors as thick as 100mm too.
• Seamless edges are available as an option.
• Hinge reinforcement 7 gage steel (3/16″ plate).
• Mechanical interlock eliminates weld marks, adds rigidity.
• Inverted top and bottom end channels welded to both face sheets for added stiffness.Optional steel closing caps available.
• Products can be supplied in singles or in pair configuration as per approved designs.
• The doors also come with a variety of options such as glazing, fire rating and acoustic ratings and can be fit with a variety of hardware.
• ISO 9001:2008.