TASK has provided Blast resistant doors to many projects in the Middle East.

TASK offers more opening solutions that meet or exceed strict international safety and security requirements for blast resistance. They also provide extra protection against explosions and excessive force with various combinations of levels varying its pressure and impulse.

TASK blast resistant openings provide better protection for occupants to destructive incidents caused by nature, man or sheer accidents. TASK doors and frames are designed to meet or exceed stringent manufacturing and performance requirements of all major regulatory groups and standards.

Blast resistant doors protect people and property from explosions and shrapnel. A properly specified and engineered Blast Resistant door can save lives by preventing the devastating shrapnel caused by a blast from entering an area.

TASK Blast Resistant openings meet or exceed international testing standards. They are not tested with a shock tube where only shockwaves are generated.

They are physically tested on the field, and have been hit with an approximate charge weight (equivalent kg TNT) from 15 kg to 300 kg and the doors have withstood the blast as level 1 ‘’ in various tests.

A blast resistant door is comprised of a door, frame and hardware system able to withstand explosive pressures of most of the buildings. Predominantly, blast resistant doors are widely used in petrochemical facilities, on military bases, in facilities fabricating and/or storing firepower, and to protect foreign assets such as embassies and their personnel.

TASK blast resistant steel doors and frames combine blast and air pressure resistance while functioning similarly to standard hollow metal products. Our complete ranges of blast resistant products are readily available with complete builder’s hardware that provides an easy-to-operate door system.

TASK has complete engineering capability to design and manufacture blast products that meet the safety requirements of the end user. Testing of units by independent laboratories complies with the most up to date global test standards. Blast resistant doors are also available with glazing.

The below table highlights the details of TASK blast resistant doors:

Low level blast resistant door Up to 200 KPa
High level blast resistant door Up to 300 KPa

Generic Names of Completed Projects:

TASK has developed and supplied Blast resistant doors and frames to prestigious and sensitive buildings in the Middle East For Client protection – names are withheld.

TASK blast resistant doors assure blast protection and dependable service under critical conditions for interior or exterior environments including:

  • Department of Defense
  • Department of State
  • Department of Homeland Security and other regulatory groups
  • Chemical, paint or hazardous material storage rooms
  • Pharmaceutical facilities, college laboratories and other R & D areas
  • Bioscience and nanotechnology research buildings
  • Refineries, petrochemical and other industrial complexes
  • Nuclear power stations
  • Engine test cells
  • Ammunition depots, munitions storage facilities and arsenals
  • Missile tests and launch sites
  • And, numerous other applications