Engineered Doors

High Performing Specialty Products

To complement our standard and custom steel doors and frames, TASK offers a number of specialty products. Our high performing specialty products enhances our ability to be a global single source supplier.

TASK’s team ensures that they are well represented on site at all times. The team visits the project prior to the commencement of work to assess the condition of the site, and they also make a final visit as the project nears completion to fine-tune the installation. Project Manager is a key part of the team, coordinating numerous details with the project architect, and the general contractor, as well as with TASK’s own factory personnel. TASK’s main hand, attends the site throughout the final phase, making certain that the finished product reflected the fine details required by the project.

For each project TASK provides : Project Manager, Marketing & Sales Representative, Architectural Hardware Consultant and a Manufacturing Team Representative. Those involved in any project recognized that a high level of expertise, guidance and technical knowledge would be required with respect to the supply of several doors and frames.