Task Process

TASK has the infrastructure in place to manufacture an extensive range of products with a huge collection of distinctive options and configurations in wood and steel doors and frames.

The process from receiving a request for quote to final execution, TASK’s ISO 9001-2008 process is applied which has an inbuilt quality assurance and quality control process. The custom designed software processes accurate data from one department to another eliminating loss of trail that occur due to human error.


Each process has specialized software which further integrates the data with the next level to process information. The software’s used provide seamless transfer of data to the next department.

Data is effectively and efficiently processed faster, from estimation until the shipment is completed and the order is executed.


The process provides each door or frame with a unique number which is the identification of that product and can be traced in the future for references.

The unique 16 digit number is alpha numeric pattern duly bar coded to ease shipment details from which delivery notes and invoicing is generated.  The process eliminates errors and encourages trail of process which is easy to audit and has accountability for each portion of the process.

Our Clients

Our clients include government agencies, healthcare institutions, power plants, airports, and large private-sector companies. While TASK excels at complex, large-scale projects for everything from world famous buildings to simple infrastructure, we also appreciate the opportunity to use our skills on small projects that require just one or two unique openings.

A Family-Run Business

Even as TASK fortifies its position in the global marketplace, the family remains conscious of the company’s roots as a family-run business — and the qualities that have boosted TASK to its current position as an industry-leading company. At TASK, each project is seen as an opportunity to raise its bar and set a new benchmark