Task Current


For more than 25 years, TASK has continuously escalated their reputation of excellence and of being a trusted leader.

The antiquity of TASK is one of success bred of hard work. Founded in 1991, TASK has grown from a family-run business to a company that is an industry-leader for specialized Door and Frame manufacturing, with a reputation as an innovator and leader. This leadership of the family company has been attained through decades of continuous growth as a result of innovation, ensured quality and most importantly close proximity to the customer.

In 2005, the family business further solidified and enhanced its reputation for excellence when the family children joined the TASK team. One is an Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC), that writes door and ironmongery specification while taking care of marketing and providing sales support. The other is an Engineer for design, manufacturing and production support. Today, TASK is co-run by the second generation, ie children of company founder(s) and responsible partners.


TASK has an enviable accreditation of Acoustic doors, Blast-resistant doors, Bullet-resistant doors, Pressure, resistant doors, Thermal doors, Access Doors, Stainless Steel doors and Lead-lined doors. TASK can provide a variety of doors in Wood, Steel, Stainless steel and in combination of wood doors and steel frames. “Our products are way ahead of the market” says the proud – Founder.


TASK’s manufacturing facility in Sharjah – UAE, boasts of the latest state of the art machinery and equipment, ensuring TASK’s expert technicians can meet large-volume contracts while continuing to construct every door with meticulous detail. TASK proud team says “If you can imagine it – we will build it.”


Leadership isn’t a position, it’s a process.

The company’s sole mission is to be the top door and frame manufacturer in the industry. TASK doors match craftsmanship with specifications whereby Governments, Architects, Property Developers and Contractors, trust TASK to design and manufacture the doors needed for their iconic buildings. TASK has accomplished over 3500 projects, which include iconic projects like the prestigious Burj Al Khalifa, Dubai airports and several 7 star hotels.


25 years of experience and expertise has brought commendable global recognition. TASK exports directly, and also sells intellectual property globally through licensing agreements with qualified manufacturers who construct our products based on TASK’s detailed designs and certifications.

No other company has yet matched the level of competence, expertise, and dedication benchmarked by TASK. Today TASK is recognized as the leading manufacturer of doors and frames in Middle East. TASK is a one STOP – SHOP.  The world being, our marketplace.